ridic as frick

you can tell i’m a writer who has difficulty not being dark and sad because today i had a super wacky idea but as soon as i started fleshing it out and exploring it, it turned dark and traumatic for all involved parties while being especially relevant to one character’s equally traumatic backstory this is awful why can’t i have one wacky idea without turning it super dark and giving it a downer ending


peter pan and jack frost could be chilling right now

that’s an ice pun you got there

tiramisu-u replied to your post: tiramisu-u replied to your post: i rel…

i bet you looked damn fine in the lingerie you were talking about though and that makes things a bit better


i did honestly

i need more so i can look extra damn fine

hugs for cat

every hug for me


You may not know about my obsession with cute demon girls (u‿u✿), 
but you will (๏‿๏✿)


You may not know about my obsession with cute demon girls (u‿u✿),

but you will (✿)

i really want to stream again but i have so much to do that i’m already procrastinating on

maybe i’ll have some time in between all the hardcore cuddling and adventures i’m gonna be doing in the next few weeks??

what is that even intended for






there was a website called “mulderinjeapordyx.com” . it isn’t there anymore but it did exist one time. im nnot sure how to feel


also i saw the biggest googly eye i’ve ever seen today

hissy-kissy it looks like i’m not the only one preparing for halloween in july~



-Just wearinh a hawaiian shirt does not make you fruit goth
-Threre is like absolutely zero overlap between fruit goth and vaporwave

People seem to be having quite the reaction to this post

a very useful post! thank you! 7/10!

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